Poker Tables to Provide Hours of Enjoyment

Few games bring such timeless pleasure as card games and the king of them all is poker. With simple rules but competitive gameplay, this game is ideal for gatherings. However, to enhance the experience, skip the cheap, wobbly card table. Invest in one of our long-lasting real-wood poker tables that will make home game play […]

Gaming Accessories for Home Game Rooms

When buying game room furnishings for the home, the tables themselves are not the only thing to consider. Gaming accessories complete not only the appearance of the room but also the playability of the tables inside. Luxurious game rooms designed for exacting tastes should include at least some of these gaming accessories. Covers and Cabinets […]

Elegant Game Tables for the Home

Contrary to popular belief, game tables for the home can have elegant lines and high-quality construction. These tables do not resemble those found in bars or game rooms. In fact, with a myriad of options available for poker to pool and shuffleboard, an elegant game room is a breeze to create. What to Look for […]

The Differences in Pool Balls: Can Pool Balls Make a Difference?

Yes, the type of pool balls used for play will make a difference. The longevity of the balls, gameplay, and appearance all depend on the material used to create the pool balls and cue ball. However, not every situation requires the most expensive, tournament-grade balls. Both high-end and economical balls have applications in different scenarios, […]

Matching Pool Table Lights: A Perfect Pair

The perfect pool table lights should complement the décor of the room while offering ideal illumination for play. How many lights and the number of fixtures depends on the size of the pool table. Longer tables require more lighting to prevent creating shadows. Other factors in getting the ideal lighting over a pool table include […]

Cue Shaft Technology and Evolution

Pool cues have come a long way since their origins as basic sticks used to hit balls. Today’s pool cues have multiple variations in their material, length, cue ball deflection, and more. While most players can adjust to any cue, understanding how cue shaft technology and evolution can make choosing a cue that requires the […]

Barstool Height: The Correct Height

Seat heights should pair with the task of the chairs. Barstools must have the correct measurements to keep people seated at the ideal height. The barstool height required will depend on the use of these seats. Find the right use for various heights of stools. Short and Table-Height Stools  Technically, table-height stools differ little from […]

Uses for New Barstools Beyond Bars

Even homes without bars can have uses for barstools. These convenient seating options have more applications in other spaces around the house than just as perches for drinkers at a bar. Both old and new barstools can see renewed life in almost any room of the home. Barstools in Kitchens Kitchens with breakfast bars or […]

Of Billiard Tables and Pool Cues: A Brief History of Pocket Billiards

From its origins as an outdoor game to today’s version played in bars across the country, pocket billiards – also known as pool – continues to entertain. As it evolved, more ways to play emerged with numerous iterations, including versions with and without pockets. How Pocket Billiards Got Its Green Felt Surface The game known […]

How to Care for Billiards Accessories

Pool balls, cues, and table felt require regular care to ensure the longevity of the table and proper gameplay. Poorly maintained billiards accessories could cause unpredictable play and shorten the life of the table. However, there are some cleaning methods that could do more harm than good. All pool table owners should know the proper […]

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