Game Room Furniture for the Sports Fan

game room furniture

If you’re an avid sports fan, you can use your game room to showcase your passion. There are several ways to turn a game room into a fan’s getaway with team colors, gaming accessories, themed furniture, and collectibles. With readily available gam room furniture that features licensed team logos, the task of theming your space […]

Game Table How to Avoid Common Buying Mistakes

game table

Looking for a new game table for your home, bar, restaurant, or entertainment venue? There are some common mistakes that people make when shopping. Avoid these errors to make your purchase, setup, and use of your new game table effortless. Not Measuring the Game Table First, you must take measurements of the game table. If […]

About Our Physical Game Room Store in City of Industry, CA

game room store

Shopping for gaming tables is easier in person. While we offer online options for our customer’s convenience, we started A&C Billiards and Barstools in 1989 as a physical storefront. Since then, we have continued to provide our customers with quality service and home gaming tables and furniture from our City of Industry location. Find out […]

Your Playing Stance Could Affect Your Billiards Game

playing stance

Did you know that how you stand during play could impact your billiards game? If you have found inconsistencies in your accuracy, consider reexamining your playing stance. It could be making a greater difference in your pool game than you think. Establish Your Playing Stance During a Pre-Shot Routine  How you prepare your mind and […]

What Type of Home Game Tables Do You Have – Pool or Billiards?

game tables

While often used interchangeably, pool and billiards refer to two distinct types of game tables. Find out if you have or want a pool table or billiard table. Plus, recognize the distinctions each has, and find out why we call ourselves A&C Billiards and Barstools. What Are Billiard Tables? The term billiards technically refers to […]

What Is Cue Ball Spin and How Do You Apply it?

cue ball spin

Some beginner pool players may not be aware of the amount of control they can have over the ball. Therefore, we’ve created tips to educate them on the basics of the game. Cue ball spin comes in three different varieties – top spin, bottom spin, and side spin. By knowing how to add a little […]

Pool Tips: Factors Affecting Sidespin


When you apply sidespin or english to your cue ball, how the ball moves depends on multiple factors. Appreciating the impact these things have on the ball’s movement will help to make you a better pool player. When practicing your tip placement for improving sidespin, consider using a striped ball to verify positioning of your […]

Which Matters More to Your Pool Game: Tools vs. Techniques

tools vs techniques

When trying to improve your pool game, which makes a more significant difference – tools or techniques. The question of tools vs techniques is an old one. However, the answer isn’t simply to say one or the other always helps you to improve more quickly. Tools vs Techniques: Tools Can Affect Technique Did you know […]

Unofficial Pool Rules No One Talks About

pool rules

Did you know that not all pool rules are codified in official sources? There are some pool rules that experienced players know that beginners may not be aware of. Before you play with others, check to see if you know all these unspoken etiquette rules of the game. Pool Etiquette for What to Do When […]

Types of Pool Rules and How They Impact Play

pool rules

Think you’re using official rules when you play? You may be playing with one organization’s rules that another group may not accept. While the World Pool Association (WPA) publishes the official rules of the game, there are other rules that professional groups use, such as the American Pool Association (APA), Cue Sports International (CSI), and […]

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