Pros and Cons of Slate Pool Tables

slate pool tables

If you’re thinking about getting a pool table, you have options for slate and slate-alternative surfaces. Which do you choose? Is a slate pool table worth it? Learn more about the pros and cons of slate pool tables to make the decision for yourself. What Are Slate Pool Tables? Slate is a metamorphic rock that […]

Pool Table Care to Extend the Life of Your Table

pool table care

Your pool table is an investment that should last for years. However, part of the longevity of your table depends on how you care for it. Pool table care includes proactive chores to keep the table clean. Plus, you must take preventative steps to keeping the table and its surface from damage. Find out how […]

Cue Racks for Floors and Walls – Which Should You Choose?

cue racks

Your cues require proper storage to extend their lives and prevent damage to them. However, you have many options for cue racks. Do you choose floor racks or wall storage? There are pros and cons to each. Find out more about your options for cue storage and about the differences between wall and floor racks. […]

Thinking of a Game Table for Christmas? Here Are Things to Consider

game table for Christmas

Shopping for Christmas gifts has not stopped due to global circumstances. In fact, in 2021, 104.9 million people shopped in person for Christmas, a number much higher than the previous year. If you want to get a game table for Christmas, you can shop online, but in-store might be a better choice for you because […]

Should You Give Someone a Pool Cue for Christmas?

pool cue for Christmas

If you know someone who loves pool, you may have thought about buying them a pool cue for Christmas. However, purchasing a pool cue for someone may not be the best idea, especially if you are not familiar with how the person plays or their preferences. The following are some reasons that you may want […]

Focus Holiday Fun Around Game Tables for Groups

game tables for groups

Only 17% of Americans expect COVID to make a significant impact on their 2021 holiday plans. So, you’re likely to have a holiday like those before the pandemic, which means lots of gatherings with friends and family. Are you stumped about what to do during holiday gatherings this year? Instead of having everyone make awkward […]

Holiday Entertaining Dos and Don’ts with Game Tables in Your Home

Holiday entertaining

Despite a slightly smaller percentage of Americans gathering with friends and family this for Christmas 2021 – 72% versus 86% from previous years – that amount still accounts for a majority of people. Therefore, it’s likely that you will have a holiday gathering to attend or host this year. If you are the host of […]

Pool Balls The Professionals Use

pool balls

The type of balls you have on your pool table does make a difference in your game and how long they last. Plus, did you know that the wrong pool balls could damage your table felt? Find out what the World Pool Association recommends for professional-quality pool balls and the advantage of those to get […]

Tips for Throwing Darts More Accurately

throwing darts

You will likely enjoy playing darts even more if you take steps to improve your game. Bettering your throwing accuracy and consistency will take work. However, you’ll enjoy playing darts more and begin to feel a greater passion for the game as you improve. Use these tips to get better at playing dart. Focus on […]

Pool Cue Guidelines from WPA and Your Cue Options

pool cue

Looking for a new pool cue? You have options that include those affordably priced cues for beginners up to professional-grade pool cues used by tournament players. However, pool cue size is a personal issue, especially the length. Therefore, you may want to look at cues in person or try out different lengths at a pool […]

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