Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Grab the Best Deals on Pool Tables

Deals on Pool Tables

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best days for shopping enthusiasts. Nearly all the stores in the US offer great deals during this shopping season.

Pool lovers can also get some wonderful Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers on pool tables. Most of the pool tables can be easily converted into dinner tables and vice-versa. It would be an excellent idea to invite guests over for a game of pool and a dinner afterwards.

Deals on Pool Tables

Before buying pool tables, you should consider three important aspects:

  • The size of the pool tables suitable for you
  • Pool tables must have a slate
  • The raw material used in the pool table

Here are some great deals on pool tables that you can watch out for:

Peyton Pool Table with Dining
A great new product that comes with a dining top! Your guests will definitely enjoy this. It is made of solid aspen and finished in a beautiful dark walnut. It’s available in both 7 foot and 8 foot sizes. Its body and legs are made of solid wood. It also has a 1 inch oversized backed slate.

Dining Top
It’s a new product. The dining top is 8 ft. It is made of mahogany. It comes with a padded bottom to prevent scratching and protect rails from damage. Another variant is available in antique walnut. For a solid fit, it comes with interlocking leaves.

A very good pool table made of solid wood! It is available in black and walnut. It is available in 8 ft. The pockets are made of leather net with shield. Cloth material is standard woolen Teflon. It has a unique look and can be a great buy.

It is an 8 ft. billiard table with a rich mahogany finish. It has solid wood cabinets and comes with a 1-inch k-pattern backed slate that is supported by double crossbeam construction. Body, legs and rails are made of solid wood.

Hurry Up! Grab these incredible deals on pool tables this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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