Billiards Tricks: How to Play Rail and Pocket Shots

Billiards Tricks

Every pool player knows the feeling of being stuck behind the 8 ball. No matter how you look at it, you don’t seem to have a shot. Instead of trying to bank your way out of bad situation, you can employ compression shots using the rail and points of the pockets to aid in your get away. These particular shots take hours of practice.

Billiards Tricks

Compression Rail Shots
When you have two balls close to the rail, you may be able to use a compression shot to by-pass the obstacle ball and pocket your object ball. It may not seem as if you have enough room to skate through between the obstacle and the rail, but with the right amount of pressure, you can hit the rail. This will result in compressing it, and allowing your ball to slide through. If you can achieve the right angle, the cue ball will hit your object ball and slide it into the corner pocket.

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Trick Pocket Shots
If you have an object ball lined up for a corner shot, but the cue ball is stuck inside the tip of the pocket, you have an easy option if you can pull it off. Instead of banking the length of the table, aim to shoot into the opposite tip of the pocket in which it sits. With the right angle, it will compress the tip and send the cue ball in the opposite direction and pocket your object ball.

When the cue ball is resting parallel to the corner pocket and your object ball is lined up for a shot in the opposite corner pocket, but you have obstacles in the way, you have an option. Shoot the cue ball into the tip of the corner pocket on the opposite corner than the object ball, with the right force and angle, the cue ball will compress the tip sending it into the other tip of the same pocket. It will compress that tip and head across the table to the opposite corner, hitting your object ball and driving it into the corner pocket.

These magic shots will help you come out of tough situations and win the game!

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