Tips for Choosing the Right-Sized Pool Table for Yourself

Best size of pool table

Looking to buy a new pool table? Before you do so, there are a number of things you should keep in mind with regards to the size. This include:

i) Size of the room

First off, the pool table should fit well inside the game room. There should be adequate space all around the table for players to move around and position themselves comfortably when shooting.

The most popular pool table size is 7 ft. The 7 ft. table requires a room space of approximately 16 ft. by 13 ft. to fit comfortably. Generally, the more space available for the table, the better.

best pool table size

ii) Cue stick size

Check the size of the cue stick you will be using, as well as whether the table will be used by children or adults. Make sure the table’s size is suitable for the cue sticks sizes.

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iii) Which pool style do you prefer?

Are you getting an English- or an American-style pool table? The official pool table sizes for tournaments are 7 ft for English tables and 9 ft for American tables. However, both tables are available in smaller sizes, i.e., 6 ft. and 7ft. respectively.

If durability and versatility are important for you, get an English pool table. On the other hand, if you want to impress your friends with a “cool” table, you’ll want the American-style option.

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iv) Watch out for obstructions

If you’ll be playing pool in the basement, check for any support beams or poles that may obstruct play. Make sure the breaking end of the table is positioned away from the support beam. During play, there should be as little disruption as possible from the beam.

Sometimes, space constraints may make it necessary to position the table next to the middle of one of the side rails. In such cases, if a shot is completely obstructed, you can make a “house rule” to allow players to move the ball to a better position.

Generally, the right-sized pool table for you boils down to various factors related to play. The table should be positioned where everyone will be comfortable to play.

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