Choosing the Best Break Cue: The Top 5 Alternatives

best break cue tip

When breaking a game of pool, using the right cue can give you just the edge you need to take control of the play. Experienced pool players suggest using a cue with a hardtop and a balanced weight.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a break cue stick:

  • What is the right cue length for your arms?
  • The cue weight is a big deal. Go with what feels comfortable.
  • Choose a cue with a tip that accommodates your game style.
  • There are different wrap types, from linen to leather. Choose one that provides a good grip.

best break cue tip

Top 5 Break Cues

Here are our top 5 break cues:

1. Predator BK3 Break Cue

The Predator BK3 is one of the best break cue sticks on the market. The stick distributes weight evenly and packs power. Predator spent time researching and working with top players to figure out what constitutes a perfect break cue. The result was the BK3 Break Cue.

2. Elite Break Cue

Weighing 27oz, the Elite Break Cue is the heaviest cue on the market. The stick delivers exceptional power without compromising on control. If you prefer breaking with heavy cues, get the Elite Break Cue.

3. Mezz Power Break II

Mezz innovatively designed Power Break II to minimize distortion and deflection that often occur during impact. This capability helps the player maintain hit power. Also, the cue stick comes with weight adjustments to accommodate the player’s needs.

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4. Longoni TJB Cue

The Longoni TJB is a cue made for champions. This stick is versatile enough to be used for a combination of a break, short jump, and extended jump.

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5. Cuetec Bullet Break Cue

The Cuetec Bullet Break might be cheaper than most in this list but still packs enviable power. Some of the top pool pros, such as Shane Van Boening, use this cue stick.

The above are five of the best break cues available on the market.

A good breaking cue can alter the chances of a game by giving you a strong head start before your opponent’s turn to play.

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