Benefits of Owning a Slate Pool Table

slate pool table

Slate pool tables are professional-grade playing surfaces for a reason. Compared to other materials, slate stays level, lasts almost forever, and ensures the most precise play. When considering the construction of your gaming tables, make sure to evaluate all the advantages of a slate pool table before making a selection.

Stays Level

If you get a slate pool table, you may see options that have a single piece of slate or three for the surface. Choose the latter. The three pieces of slate allow installers to make slight adjustments to the level of the individual pieces to compensate for any unevenness in the floor. Consequently, you’ll get the most level surface possible for playing pool.

A Lifelong Investment 

Pool tables made with slate last a lifetime, partially due to the weight of the table. If you have three slate pieces, each could weigh 150 pounds or more. Add this weight to the rest of the pool table’s structure, and you have a sturdy piece that can weigh 2500 pounds or more, depending on the dimensions.

While some people think of the weight as a disadvantage, it instead contributes to the longevity of the table. The durable slate won’t warp even if it gets wet, though you will have to replace the felt. Additionally, the sturdy construction of the rest of the table to support the slate ensures that it, too, will last as long as the surface. 

Slate Pool Tables Ensures Precision Play

What makes a slate pool table preferred by professionals is how predictable play is on the surface. Without warping or unevenness, balls struck on a slate surface move as expected with a predictable velocity. On other types of surfaces, imperfections may cause the ball to behave erratically when rolling. The differences, though, are fine, and many beginners may not notice. However, professionals and serious hobbyists do see a difference and prefer slate.

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