Barstool Height: The Correct Height

Seat heights should pair with the task of the chairs. Barstools must have the correct measurements to keep people seated at the ideal height. The barstool height required will depend on the use of these seats. Find the right use for various heights of stools.

Short and Table-Height Stools 

Technically, table-height stools differ little from chairs used for dining tables in their seat heights. Typically, these stools have seats 18 inches from the ground. This height allows for a difference of 10 to 12 inches between the seat of the stool and the top of a standard dining table. These stools work well for casual dining arrangements such as around breakfast nooks or study areas.

Short stools that pair with low bars have seats that are slightly higher than table-height stools. Short barstools have seats between 22 and 23 inches high. These pair with bars that have their tops 10 inches above the stool seat, 32 to 33 inches from the ground.

Counter-Height Stools

Counter-height stools are among the more common of smaller stools. These have seats between 24 and 28 inches from the ground, making them slightly shorter than standard barstools.

Counters tend to have a shorter height from the ground than bars. Typical heights of counters range from 34 to 39 inches because most people who use counters for eating remain seated. Bars, on the other hand, must accommodate those at barstools and those who choose to stand while they drink.

Standard Barstool Height

Standard bars have heights between 39 and 46 inches from the floor to the top. The correct seat height should have the seat 10 to 12 inches lower than the bar top. Therefore, standard heights for stools fall between 28 and 36 inches for the seats.

Extra-Tall Barstools

The highest barstools often require customized ordering. The barstool height for extra-tall models can be anywhere between 37 and 40 inches. Often, these pair with bars designed to fit into homes with tall residents who need the additional height for comfort.

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