Are Predator BK Rush Cues Your Solution for Breaking Woes?

If you find that a standard cue doesn’t give you the power you need for the opening break, upgrade your game with a breaking cue from Predator BK Rush. These breaking cues have design differences to optimize them for breaks. Find out why you should add one of these to your arsenal of pool cues for more intense play from the start.

Who Should Use a Breaking Cue?

Whether you need a breaking cue depends on how you play. For instance, many players have the ability to gain the needed speed and power from a playing cue to effortlessly break the rack at the beginning of the game. However, beginners often struggle with this opening shot, especially when using lighter weight cues.

If you want to improve your breaking ability, upgrading to a breaking cue could help. The added weight of a breaking cue makes it go faster without increasing your force behind it. A faster, heavier cue movement will create greater force against the cue ball, thereby improving your break.

Another reason to invest in a breaking cue is to save the extra stress on your playing cue. If you have invested in a high-quality playing cue, you may want to reduce the forces it experiences from breaks. Using a breaking cue will keep you from using your playing cue to generate the extra force of a break. Thus, both the playing and breaking cues will last longer.

What Makes Predator BK Rush Cues Different

Now that you’ve decided to go with a breaking cue, find out what makes Predator BK Rush cues unique. These breaking cues have seven-layer tips that transfer more energy from the cue to the ball. Plus, their hard maple construction ensures optimum strength.

The weight of these cues has a standard 19 ounces for the Redline series. This weight has a distribution optimized to increase the power on the break. If you need extra weight, you can add Uni-Loc adjustable weight cartridges to the breaking cues.

The interior of each shaft includes a carbon fiber tow. This construction allows for more power, as shown by the higher coefficient of restitution and greater cue ball speed.

Wrap or No-Wrap?

With Predator BK Rush breaking cues, you have the choice of cues with a wrap or those without a wrap. However, the objective differences between these options are minimal. In fact, your personal preference is the only deciding factor in whether you want to play with a Redline cue with a sport grip or a Predator BK Rush Redline breaking cue with no wrap.

However, some people who complain of sweaty hands during play may prefer the improved grip of a breaking cue with a sport grip instead of a wrapless model.

Breaking Cues and More from A&C Billiards and Barstools

If you want to boost your break, consider one of the powerful Predator BK Rush breaking cues to give you more speed on the cue ball and a better start to your game. Find these and all other high-end pool accessories, tables, and more here at A&C Billiards and Barstools. For questions, let us know through our online contact form. We’re here to help you to have the resources you need to unlock your pool playing potential.



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