Aiming Techniques for Better Pool Shots

Pool Shots

How do you aim properly? It’s the most often asked questions by many beginners trying their best to make the most out of every shot. There are different types of discussions over pool aiming methods, and everyone has their own idea upon this.

Pool Shots

Here are some important and easy tips which you need to keep in mind before you try to make the best out of each shot you’ll receive.

Do You Really Want to Know How to Aim?
The question how to aim properly is only half of the equation, what you actually need to know is how to play the cue ball in the right direction with more precision and in order to miss less shots. It mainly requires two things:

  1. Correct aiming- This actually means visualizing the right line for the cue ball to travel along.

  2. Straight stroke- Maintaining a straight stroke is most important while striking the cue ball.

Trial and Error
This pool aiming system is very simple, you just have to assume and pick the right line. It might sound trivial or unprecise but that doesn’t mean that it won’t work in your pool games. There’s a correct spot where the cue ball has to go and everyone who’s experienced knows exactly where to aim.

The aiming system you’ll learn here consists of setting up a certain shot and repeating it several times in a row, at least 30 times in every training session. Each time it’ll follow the same procedure:

  • Try to visualize the line that the object ball should take towards the pocket.
  • Pick a line from the cue ball to the object which you assume might be the right line.
  • Now play the cue ball along that line as precisely as possible.
  • Watch the result and correct your aiming line accordingly in the next shot:
  • If the ball missed the pocket on the right side, correct the aiming line to the right.
  • If it missed the pocket on the left, correct the aiming line towards left.
  • If you’ve potted the ball, repeat it again

You’ll Always Miss
Many pool players have issues that they can’t deal with missing shots. What you need to know is you’ll always miss, even pro and world champions miss. What does this mean for aiming? As you’ve been told to pick a line which you assume is the right one, so proper aiming requires an assumption, an educated guess where the right spot might be, where the cue ball has to hit the object ball. Sometimes you’ll err by a fraction of an inch which will make that little ball rattle in any of those corner pockets instead of dropping out.

100% Follow Through Required
The funniest part about this assuming thing is that you’ll have to trust it 100%. Even if your fundamentals aren’t that good, still you have to shoot the ball with 100% confidence. This is what increases the probability of you making a pot on every shot.

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