Why You Should Be Picky About Pool Ball Weights

Pool Ball Weights

The game of billiards is one people often enjoy over a cold beer with friends or family. It’s also one that people play seriously, taking hours and hours to work on the perfect break or bank shot. If you’re a serious player, or you just want to improve your game, there’s more to playing your best than the right cue.

When choosing cue balls for billiards, you need to be picky about which ones are right when shopping. The wrong pool ball set can hold your game back, especially if you’re aiming to play in the tournament.

Pool Ball Weights

Bar Table Balls
Many people who begin playing pool do so in bars or in places where coin-op tables are common. While these can help you get your feet wet, they’re often over-weighted balls that are magnetic, designed to return to one end of the table after a scratch. They’re often not ideal for serious players.

If you’re buying billiards balls for your home table, avoid these magnetic type balls unless you’re only planning on playing in coin-op spots.

Quality Billiard Balls
Unlike billiards balls designed for coin-op tables, quality balls are lighter in weight and don’t have a magnetic portion of the ball designed to help them return. This can alter the way you play. That’s why getting used to coin-op balls is not wise if you’re aiming to be a serious player even in recreational leagues.

Instead, look for top-tier balls that are non-magnetic. They’ll help you practice all of your shots better and perfect your spin, English, and even your break. You’ll also get used to a better ball, which will make you feel more comfortable playing in competitions.

Age Matters
The last thing to remember about billiards balls is that long-term play can reduce weight, giving you a lighter ball that’s not always up to regulation play standards. If your billiards balls are aging, it may be time to replace them with a new set.

To be the best player you can, you need a quality pool cue ball and set of billiards balls that are clean and in good shape.

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