7 Pool Table Games That Are Currently Popular

Pool Table Games

You are already familiar with the rules of standard pool games like 8-ball and 9-ball. However, do you know there are other pool game variations?

You can quickly improve your skills by learning how to play various types of billiards games. Here are seven pool games you can learn to keep you busy when you are not in the mood for the 8-ball or 9-ball game.

Pool Table Games

Baseball Billiards

Baseball Billiards is played with 21 balls and an oversized rack. Each player is given nine innings and has to score the most “runs” to emerge the winner.


This is a rotation-based game where balls 1-7 are racked horizontally. When the game starts, the player that breaks chooses his side of pockets. The player that sinks the balls in descending order wins.


This point-based pool game is similar to the 9-ball. However, players have to call all the shots they want to take. Moreover, the balls have to be pocketed in ascending order. The point-based game follows the same rules as 9-ball but with a slight difference in the points awarded for the balls.

Bank Pool

With bank pool, the first player that banks five balls in any order is the winner. However, you must call each ball and pocket before shooting.


Bowlliards pool game borrows traits from the 10-pin bowling game. The game starts with a player breaking 10 balls racked at the lower side of the table. The player then tries pocketing as many balls as possible until a foul is committed or there is a miss.

Cutthroat Pool

Cutthroat is a group pool game where players try pocketing their opponent’s balls before theirs are pocketed. The game starts with the usual break after which, players try to pocket each other’s balls.


This is a skill game for two players, where the players compete to be first to score a total of eight balls. During the game, players have to be careful not to leave a good open shot for their opponents.

Now you know seven alternative pool games that are currently popular. Which one seems the most interesting to you?


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