7 Billiards Accessories You Need to Preserve Your Pool Table

Billiards Accessories

A pool table attracts people for playing games and even if they do not play, they just want to feel and roll the balls around the table. Apart from playing games, your pool table can be converted to a dinner table as well. Whether you play games or use your pool table in parties, wear and tear is obvious.

As pool is an indoor sport, you and your family or friends will spend more time around the pool table. As a result, it is very important to take care of your pool table and keep it in a proper condition. Besides the daily cleaning of pool tables, you can also get some accessories that will help you protect your pool table.

Billiards Accessories

Here are some billiards accessories that you need to preserve your pool table:

  1. Pool Table Cover
    When the table is not in use, you must protect your pool table from accumulating dust, clothing lint, animal hair, light, and air. Pool table covers come in different styles and color. Choose the one you like most!

  2. Pool Table Brush
    The bristles of a pool table brush have been designed for use on felt table tops. After the game, you can use them for cleaning dirt, chalk dust and other crumbs. Always use straight brush strokes and avoid circular motions as it works against the weave of the felt.

  3. Soft Towels
    The natural oils from your skin pose a great threat to the equipment. Oils are acidic and corrosive in nature and can build up on the surface of pool balls and get into the felt. It will result in trapping dirt and dust which will make your felt appear dingy and discolored. Use hot water to clean the dirt and soft towels to dry it up.

  4. Vacuum
    A brush can be used for cleaning and maintaining your pool table but a low-suction hand -held vacuum will remove the finer dust particles and cue chalk. To clean inside the pockets, use a nozzle attachment.

  5. Wood Polish
    Wood polish cleans your pool table and gives it a shiny look. Regular cleaning products or furniture polishes can destroy the finish of your pool table. Purchase cleaning products or polishes specifically formulated for the pool tables.

  6. Pool Table Cleaners
    Spray cleaners are a popular and effective option for cleaning pool tables. You just have to spray on the microfiber cloth and wipe the surface clean. It removes the residue and stains from the pool table surface.

  7. Pool Table Repair Kits
    Pool table repair kits are the best thing you can have for your pool table. It includes replacement felt and all the necessary tools for table repair.

  8. Get these billiards accessories to ensure your pool table is well protected and lasts longer!

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