5 Tips to Keep Pool Cues in Good Condition

Tips to Keep Pool Cues in Good Condition

If you love to play billiards, chances are you have at least one cue that you rely on to help you hit that perfect shot. Even if you don’t own your own table, playing with house cues really doesn’t make a lot of sense if you’re trying to get better. After all, baseball players don’t use the house bats just because they’re at an away game.

Keeping your cue in good condition isn’t always easy though, and many players, especially when they first get serious about billiards, neglect them. Use these five tips to help you keep your pool cues in good condition, so every shot is a winner.

Tips to Keep Pool Cues in Good Condition

    1. Avoid the Sun

Sun warps wood — that’s something that everybody knows. Still, a lot of people keep their cues in direct sunlight in a rack because out of convenience

Keep your cues out of the sun if you want them to stay straight.

    1. Keep Cues Dry

You probably won’t get your cues wet on purpose, but some people have a tendency to wash their cues with lots of soap and water to remove residue from hands. Don’t do that if you want a cue that isn’t bent.

    1. Get a Case

Cases for cues, even if they stay at home, protect them from falls, spills and every other potential danger. If you’ve got top-notch cues, cases are a no-brainer.

    1. Invest in a Travel Case

If you travel with your favorite cue, a high-quality travel pool cue case will keep it in excellent shape for years. Shop online to find pool cue cases for your cue and you won’t have to worry about transporting it to your favorite bar or billiards hall.

  1. Get New Tips

Most pool cues don’t need new tips too often, but if your shots start to lack spin or you hear a cracking sound, it’s time for new tips. Visit a pro that can do the work in just a few minutes for less than the cost of a movie ticket.

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