5 Pool Table Parts That Can Make or Break Your Game

Pool Table

Pool is one of the most played games to date. Apart from vast theories on shots to be played, stick control, body posture and regular practice of the game, there are many other important elements as well that’ll lead you ahead in the game. For the billiard game to be played successfully, a pool table containing all accessories that are vital for the game is a must have.

Pool Table

Here are the accessories to use at the pool table that you should know of before purchasing one:

  1. Billiard Cloth
    Billiard felt or cloth is the part of cloth that is spread on the pool table where the ball rolls while playing. The material is mostly green in color, but there are other varieties you can choose from. The material should be continuous and smooth enough to attain the desired level of performance.

  2. Ball Return
    Pool tables usually lack pockets where the balls will be collected during the game. However, the tables are made in a manner which allows the balls to assemble on one side of the table. This depends on the manufacturer of the pool table.

  3. Legs
    Pool tables should be stable. To accomplish this, the table should have firm legs. There are several types of billiard legs, which include simple designs made from PVC and metal to antique designs which are from wood. All these designs can be identified in the bars and clubs that own pool tables.

  4. Bumper
    These are rails arranged on billiard tables made of rubber, which allow the balls to roll back when playing. The billiard cloth always covers the rubber rails. Bumpers come in a variety of shapes and include the U23, K56 and K55. The most famous bumper shape found in almost all the pool tables is K66 shape.

  5. Slate
    The universal requirement of all the billiard tables is the slate shape. The importance of the slating design is to allow the balls to roll over the table nicely. The billiard material comes in three pieces joined together nicely to make one pool table. The best material to choose is the one slated over the non-slated material.

Choose the best pool table accessories to play the game successfully!

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