5 Game Tables to Bring Your Family Together on Thanksgiving


Bring your family together around game tables this Thanksgiving! After serving delicacies to your family and friends around your dinner table, you can keep them together at a different table- your game table.

You can arrange games like- table tennis, foosball, billiards and pool so your family can spend some more time together to make Thanksgiving a memorable event.

Here are 5 most popular game tables to consider for Thanksgiving fun:


  1. Ping Pong Tables
    The most popular table under this category is Master Outdoor Table Tennis table. It is larger in size and as the name suggests, you can play games even outside your house. It’s made of melamine and has stainless steel leg and frame. It has got 8 locking wheels and has paddle & ball storage. You can assemble it very quickly.

  2. Shuffle Board Tables
    A new product called Octagon has been introduced in this segment. It has got some unique features. It gives a complete edgy and contemporary look. This table has got overhead lights and is designed with a sleek black finish.

  3. Foosball Tables
    Top Gun is a new type of table introduced as one of the foosball tables. It looks sophisticated, elegant and made of the best quality materials. Its height is 36 inches and length is 59 inches. The dimension of the playing field is 47.25” X 28”.

  4. Air Hockey
    A new and enhanced version of this table is called “Viper Vancouver”. It has got a white surface which resembles an ice rink. It runs on 110v motor with air flow of 110 cubic feet/minute.

  5. Custom Poker Tables
    These poker tables can be customized according to your specific needs and requirements. You have the option of choosing the shape, size, finish, wood and felt. You will get matching barstools, counters and game chairs in different fabric and leather.

Get your favorite game table and celebrate Thanksgiving in style!

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