5 Easy Tips to Select the Right Billiard Balls

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When most people learn to play billiards, the first thing that they learn is to keep their eye on the ball when taking a shot. In fact, this is a pretty common thread in all sports and games that require solid hand-eye coordination. While you may notice the way a billiard balls set looks at first, most beginning players don’t know the difference from one ball to the next, aside from the numbers and colors.

When you’re buying your own table and building your own billiards space, you may want to know why some sets are a bit pricier than others. The fact is that there’s more to a billiard balls set than might first meet the eye.

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Keep reading to learn more about billiard balls sets and use these five easy tips to select the right type for your billiards setup.

  1. Roundness
    Every billiard ball set is round, right? The fact is that cheap balls tend to look round, but they aren’t held to the same standards by the manufacturers.

  2. Quality balls are tested and retested to ensure a perfectly smooth shape.

  3. Density
    Uniform density is essential to a quality billiard ball. Without it, the ball won’t roll straight, even if you hit a straight shot.

  4. Elasticity
    Elasticity is a strange concept when dealing with billiard balls, but on stop shots, it really does make a difference. Without the right elasticity, you’ll never hit the perfect stop shot and roll the ball into the next the way you want.

  5. Finish
    It may not seem like it would make a difference, but cheaper billiard balls can wear out faster and show a chipped finish quickly. Buy quality balls and don’t stress about finish wear over time.

  6. Peace of Mind
    Buying a cheap billiard ball set might save you a few bucks today, but in the long run, it’s just not worth it. From holding you back as a player to simply not lasting as long, buying a bad set of billiard balls isn’t a good deal. A good set of billiard balls is money well spent for everyone from the novice to the pro.

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