5 Easy Tips to Properly Care for Your Pool Table

Easy Tips to Properly Care for Your Pool Table

Buying a pool table is quite an investment that’s worth it, as it’s a great source of fun and entertainment. You get so engrossed in the excitement that you don’t often pay attention to the maintenance of your pool table. If your pool table is managed well, it can last longer and you can enjoy your games and parties for a longer period of time.

 Easy Tips to Properly Care for Your Pool Table
Here are the 5 easy tips to properly care for your pool table:

  1. No Pets
    Do not allow your pets to play on your pool table. Their claws and teeth are not good for the felt. Their chewing and scratching will simply break down the material and will cause great harm to your pool table.

  2. Keep Away from Sunlight
    A pool table is made of wooden rails and ornamentation. When sunlight falls on a particular area for a considerable amount of time, it gets hot and damages the wood. The sunlight can even destroy your beautiful felt. You can get UV blocker and shutters for your windows to avoid the harm caused by sunlight.

  3. Play Carefully
    Play carefully and wisely so that you do not end up damaging the felt. Avoid wearing a ring or bracelet while playing as they might cause scratches which can damage your felt. Avoid playing high-risk shots that can cause marks, rips or holes.

  4. Don’t Sit on the Pool Table
    Never sit on your pool table as it throws the table out of the level and scratches the finish of the rails or even separates the rubber from the rails. Don’t allow your visitors to sit on the table as it can cause damage to table legs.

  5. Clean Daily
    It is very important to clean your pool table as it will look impressive and won’t let the dust settle on the table. It will be good if you use a vacuum cleaner for removing the dust more effectively.

Follow these tips to maintain your pool table and avoid costly damages.

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