5 Do’s and Don’ts at the Pool Table

The game of billiards exudes charisma, style, and intelligence. It is very important to follow the norms or the prerequisites to play the game in the right manner and to become a great player. If you are aiming for a win, it is important to keep in mind the do’s. However, it is equally important to remember certain things which might come in the way of your winning. Yes, we are talking about the don’ts, or those things which should be completely avoided while playing this wonderful and magnificent game. It is very important that you follow the do’s and don’ts simultaneously to maintain the honor and dignity of the game and also to become a good player.

Pool Table Rules

The 5 Important Do’s are:

  1. Concentration – Keep yourself away from people and focus on your mindset. This way you can find the positive mindset. Always focus on winning the game. You can only play well if your mindsetis good and positive.

  2. Observe the Game of Others – You should pay proper attention to the game while your opponent is trying to make his pot. This will help increase your observation skills and you’ll be all set with a strategy to shoot before your turn.

  3. It is very important that you observe the game of others. You will learn a lot by merely observing the game of your peers.

  4. Watch Your Arm Posture and Attire- Before going into the pool room, visualize yourself bending over the pool table and dress according to that. Dress comfortably so you can easily move around the table. This way you’ll be able to maintain your posture.

  5. Your arm movement should also be appropriate as it will help you hit the target.

  6. Learn New Strokes- There are many ways to hit your cue ball but what you need to focus is on practicing skillfull shots. This will not only help you win the game but also enhance your accuracy on the table which is most important in this game.

  7. Learn the important strokes or techniques to stay on top!

  8. Shot Selection- This is one of the most important things to consider when you are trying to make the most of every shot. Shot selection helps you maintain a proper rhythm in game. Every shot you are going to attempt must be based upon the next shot you are going to take.

  9. Always target the balls in such a maner that you’ve one shot left after the current ball.

The 5 Important Don’ts are:

  1. Avoid Being Self-Taught- It is very important to have a formal training in billiards. The self taught practices are not always effective. Before you start playing, it is recommended to learn under an institution or a club or take the help of online tutorial videos. It will take you in the right direction.

  2. Don’t Neglect Mental Peace- You should be aware that pool, being a shooting game, requires extraordinary level of mental skills. Mediatation is the key for effectively training your mind to enhance your focus while you are playing and keep your mind stress free and relaxed all the time.

  3. Avoid anxiety and stress as mental peace is very important to focus on the game.

  4. Keep Talc Powder, Eatables and Smokes off the Table- Using talc powder is one of the popular misconceptions. It’s not at all advisable as it can become sloopy if it fells on the cloth or the cue ball. Prefer using gloves if your hands are extremely sweaty.

  5. Replacing the cloth of the pool table is’nt cheap at all and you can’t even imagine what sort of damage sticky soda or some barbecue sauce can do.

  6. Don’t Use Old Cues– Avoid old cues as some of them might be a little bent and weak. Select the right cues which have a good reputation and are reliable. Viking pool cues will be one of the best choices as these are considered the best and are highly respected.

  7. Avoid Old Games and Chit-Chat You should always try to play new or different games as this will sharpen your skills and you will learn new things about the game.

  8. If you talk to people rather than focusing on the game, it will spoil your game.

Every sport has its own guidelines and when it’s about etiquettes, billiards is known for it. So it’s very helpful to be familiar with these unwritten rules when you’re trying something new, as it helps you adapt to the specific nature of the game accordingly.

Follow these dos and don’ts to become a good player and ensure success in your game!

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