5 Billiards Game Variations to Enjoy at Your New Year’s Party

Billiards Game Variations

Having your own New Year’s party is a great way to spend time with the people you love and like. The problem is that many adult parties end up with people sitting around and watching the ball drop on TV.

One way to avoid that is to have something for people to actually do at your party. By including a billiards table, you can make your New Year’s party, and your home, just a little bit more exciting.

Billiards Game Variations

Use this guide to learn five billiards game variations you can try out this New Year’s Eve:

  1. Numerical Order
    In this variation, players must pocket the balls in numerical order. It might sound easy, but the fact is that actually doing it can be pretty darn hard.

  2. This game is best played by people who are relatively evenly matched. Otherwise, it will take all night.

  3. Nine Ball
    Nine Ball is a pretty common game, but few people really know how to play it. Start the game at your New Year’s party and give everybody a primer.

  4. Just make sure you’ve got the right rack handy.

  5. 10-2-4
    A game that has one player as the shooter looking to make the 10-2-4 balls, and one player as the blocker looking to stop them, this unique variation is unheard of to most. The blocker has to pocket the other balls too.

  6. Three Strikes and Out
    A variation on eight ball, Three Strikes and Out gives each player three chances to sink the eight before it’s a scratch. This gives an edge to players who may not be quite as good as their opponent.

  7. Blue Balls
    Leaving the 10 and 2 — the solid blue ball — on the table is the objective of this game. Once all balls are cleared, the 10 and 2 need to be pocketed to win the game and take the crown.

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