3 Billiards Shooting Tips to Improve Your Pool Game

Billiards shooting tips

You can only get better at your pool game if you practice the right strokes. We have just the right shots that will help you take your pool game to the next level. Practice these three shots to gain an edge in the game.

Billiards shooting tips

  1. Play the Rail Shot for Balls Next to the Rail

    You need to change your bridge when shooting target balls that are next to the rail. This is where the rail shot comes in handy.

  2. In such a play, the shooting angle of the cue ball may be extremely shallow. To take a shot, use the rail as your guide and aim for it rather than the target ball. Then, apply adequate left spin to your cue ball to make it hit the rail first.

    As the cue ball comes back off the rail, it will graze the target ball to the left and drive it into the corner pocket.

  3. Hit Unhittable Balls with the Curve or Masse Shot

    This shot will help you hit balls that appear unhittable.

    Here, you’ll need to strike the cue ball fast and hard. Your pool stick should be at an elevated position so that you hit the cue ball downwards to make it move forward and curve.

    You can master this shot with frequent practice. With time, you’ll know just the right amount of force to use and the right area to hit the cue ball for the best shot.

  4. Master the Force Follow Stroke

    As a novice player, it is easy to use a top-spin on your target ball. However, the way the cue ball will behave after impact is often unpredictable.

    To flawlessly execute the force follow stroke, pull your cue tip inside the palm of your plant hand and using top English, punch the object ball hard and outward. The cue ball will travel hard and fast into the target ball after impact and will then move slowly in a straight line.

    There you have it. These three strokes can make you stand out in your pool game. Head over to your favorite pool table and try them out.

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