12 Amazing Facts About the Game of Darts

Game of Darts

The game of darts is an interesting game that’s enjoyed by millions. It was started over a hundred years back. The first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about darts is a group of people in a pub or a bar enjoying the game. Darts is not limited to such casual public places only; it is also considered a serious business by professional dart players.

How Did it Originate?
From competitive sports to a casual pub game, dart game play is trending among all age groups. Its inception can be traced way back to the end of the 19th century; where soldiers used to aim at casks or tree trunks with short arrows, this quickly became a pastime in the battlefield.

The Record Holders!
World title championships are being held every year and many different countries have won it: but England is the exception, as they won 7 world championship titles from 1977-1991.

John Lowe is an English professional dart player and the first dart player to win the world championship title in three separate decades, and is the first player to score a nine-dart finish in a televised episode.

Playing darts is a great way to develop, challenge, and display your skills. It can help you improve your concentration, confidence, hand/eye coordination, and for some, it can be incredibly relaxing.

Game of Darts

What Do You Need to Play Dart
All you need for the game is a dart board, some darts, and an opponent. The dart board should be hung at an eye-level height. Because the persons playing may vary in height, the ideal position to hang it is at 5ft. 8in (1.73m) above the floor. The oche, which is the line a throwing player must stand behind; it should be 7ft 9in (2.37m) away from the face of the board.

How It’s Played
While each player throws the dart their own way, a general rule says that they should hold the dart between the thumb and the forefinger for better accuracy and comfort. You should throw the dart keeping it at eye level, and with a smooth action. Each player has three darts and they have to throw all three one by one, each time they visit the oche.

Before starting to play, each player should be assigned a score, say 501. The aim is to get the score down to 0 in as few visits to the oche as possible. Every time a player visit the oche they should try to hit their darts on the board where it gives them the largest score, which is up to 180 points in a single round. This could be done by hitting triple twenty three times in a single visit to the dart.

In a standard format of the game, there are two ways to win. The first way is you can double out which means you have to hit a double ring and those points have to equal to whatever points you have left to make your total zero. The second way is to go all the way down to zero by subtracting your points by scoring large every time you get a throw.

12 Amazing Facts About the Game of Darts
These are some of the most amazing and interesting facts about darts:

  1. No Age Barrier – Anyone from 10 to 50 or even older can play this game. Age is certainly not a criterion for this game.

  2. A Game for All – It is one of the few games where your entire family can participate.

  3. Cost Effective – It is not at all an expensive pursuit. All you need is a dartboard, set of darts and a cabinet which will cost a little more than $100.

  4. Physical Fitness Not Mandatory – There is no physical fitness required to play this game. You just have to throw 3 darts which takes a few seconds.

  5. No Space Requirement – The requirement of space is not a factor for this game. The dart board can be attached to any wall and will not cover up much space.

  6. Boosts Your Mental Math – It might improve your mental mathematics as the game involves adding, subtracting, doubling and tripling numbers.

  7. No Gender Bias – There is no gender bias involved in this game, as both men and women can play it.

  8. No Skill Requirement – There may be certain skill requirement with other games, but not with this one.

  9. Different Platforms Available – You can play it casually at home, a bit more seriously with friends, and when you participate in tournaments, you are considered a professional.

  10. Viewers Are Players – It is one of the few games where the viewers who visit the tournaments to watch, also play the game at home with family and friends.

  11. Social Skill Booster – It helps you with making new friends. Whether, you are playing casually or competitively, you end up socializing with other players.

  12. A Game for Gentle People – Dart players are mostly fun loving, well-mannered and friendly people. They like winning, but even if they lose, they don’t forget to congratulate their opponent.

How Darts Benefits You
Unlike other games which require more of a physical effort, dart requires a different set of physical and mental skills working in coordination with each other. It’s a challenging game that requires high level of skill, accuracy, and a steady hand. There are many positive health benefits as well, some of which are:

  • Relieves your stress by allowing to give yourself a break almost anywhere

  • Improves hand-eye co-ordination, due to the high amount of accuracy and precision involved

  • Works well at improving your concentration

  • Instills a sense of self-control, by letting you be more aware of your body’s position and movements

  • As you can choose anyone to play it with, it also helps in improving social skills

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